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If you're having problems communicating, consider couples counseling in Oklahoma City.

The smallest discussion turns into an argument.  You both feel that the other is constantly misunderstanding you.  Your arguments never feel resolved.  Instead they are just swept under the rug.  During an argument, you place the hurtful comments the other person says into “your” box.  During the next argument, you reach into your box, grab the hurtful comment, and throw it in the other’s face.  This makes it even more difficult to feel love and have the friendship you once had.  Expert couples counseling is available now in Oklahoma City and the Metro.  Isn’t it time to invest in your relationship’s future?

No one else knows but you catch yourself thinking...
  • “If we can’t get along anymore should we stay together” “
  • “I know I love my partner, but are we in-love anymore” 
  • “We both seem so miserable, what happened to us” 
  • “Why does this relationship feel one-sided” 
  • “My partner doesn’t listen to me”
  • “Is there even hope for us” 
  • If these arguments continue, we will only grow further and further apart.
  • You fear if nothing changes, your only option left may be separation or divorce

Our counselors specialize in working with couples in Oklahoma City and the Metro.

Our counselors teach couples skills that improve communication within their relationship.  These communication skills often begin with learning how to listen to one another.  I have found that the couples I work with realize that these communication skills are helpful at improving communication with their kids.  Couples counseling then helps change the couple’s perspective that “only one of us can be right.”  And shifts the focus to a perspective of “what helps the relationship.”  Ultimately couples learn new ways to rebuild their friendship.  By strengthening the friendship, Couples are able to have a better relationship.  Let our experienced counselors that specialize in couples counseling in Oklahoma City or the Metro help.  We help couples in situations like yours.

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