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You're tired of the fighting...

The chaos at home is almost unbearable.  So much so that you’re at the brink of total breakdown.  Raising kids and teens is so difficult.  For one thing, they don’t come with a manual.  Maybe you want to raise your kids differently then your parents.    Of course, you find yourself sounding more and more like them everyday.  Regardless of your efforts, you’re tired, worn out, frustrated, and on edge most of the time.  No one listens to each other, and unfortunately attitudes, back-talking, eye-rolling, and disgust cloud family memories.  You long for your home to feel like a place of love and safety.  Instead, it feels more like a combat zone.  We help families like yours change.  Our trained counselors provide family counseling in Oklahoma City, as well as Marriage Counseling to help you in your time of need.

Oklahoma City Family Counseling can help
if you have thoughts like...

  • What do I do
  • “Why won’t they listen to me”
  • “Will this ever get better”
  • “What if I screw this parenting thing up”
  • “I would rather be at school or work than dealing with things at home”
  • “My friend’s parents are cool, why can’t you be like them”
  • “If this is what parenting is like, I don’t know that I want anything to do with it anymore”

You want to go from:

screaming kid before family counseling oklahoma city


Enjoy your family again

Our expert counselors are ready to help your family learn tools to make parenting enjoyable.  Specifically, tools that help your whole family talk as well as listen to one another.  Because when all family member’s voices are heard, understood, supported, and validated, family counseling works.  In family counseling, your family will learn techniques that focus on having a deeper relationship.  You will work through your unique challenges and see your family grow.  Let one of our family counselors help you create “win-win” situations for your family.

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